5 Reasons Why Berlin Airport is the Best Airport in the World


Berlin airport is considered one of the best airports globally because of its world-class facilities and convenience for passengers. It’s not a long time since three commercial airports in Berlin were closed due to some issues. It has brought a significant impact on Europe’s economy.

However, the reopening of the airport has normalised the overall national economy of Europe. And in this article, you will get ideas on why Berline airport is the best airport in Europe and the whole world.

Modest Performers: It’s now established that Berlin’s airports are the modest performers than other airports in capital cities. Two airports have reopened, and another one won’t reopen because it’s now being used as a refugee camp.

These two airports have four runways, for which the capacity and traffic don’t bother the entire facilities.
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Excellent Dining Options: Berlin airports have decent dining sections, which are comparatively much better than the regular, low-cost carrier airports. You will get local beers with traditional German foods. And the services are available 24/7.

Get the Cosiest Lounge: You can pay for an entry in one of the cosiest lounge sections in Berlin airports. You can book yours online to get trouble-free access or use the membership option to get in. The amenities are facilitated for any passengers, travellers, and anyone who pay to get in to spend the layover time.

Get the Most Exciting Views: You will get an observation deck open for visitors or passengers to watch the planes land and take off. Encountering airport traffic is pretty exciting if you are new to the airport or have kids with you.

It will cost a significant amount, about €3 for adults and €2 for kids.

Get the Last Minute Shopping: Berlin airports have beautiful duty free shopping sections, which will make you want to buy something at the last minute. Get small packages like snacks, toiletries, souvenirs, books, etc. that won’t bother your luggage carrier.

Overall, you can explore Berlin with the best shuttle service options from the airport. If you get plenty of time to layover, pick your itineraries in the nearby visiting places in Berlin. The airport shuttles will help to reach the destination.

You can also spend the layover period sleeping in the sitting sections because they are safe and comfortable. However, the security systems in the Berlin airports are of top quality that you don’t have to worry about losing baggage.

And speaking of baggage, you will get storage and wrap up facilities for your luggage in the best way possible.

Berlin airport is thus considered the best airport in the world for its excellent services and facilities.

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