The Finest Chlorine Tablets for Your Pool (and The way to Safely Add Them)


Chlorine tablets are some of the handy, hands-free methods to sanitize your swimming pool. Not like liquid chlorine or granular chlorine, chlorine tablets (often known as chlorine pucks) dissolve slowly over time.

Coming in two sizes (both 1-inch or 3-inch pucks), chlorine tablets are pre-dosed and already include a chlorine stabilizer (a.ok.a. cyanuric acid or CYA).

For those who’re a pool proprietor with a bigger pool of over 5,000 gallons, you’ll need to use 3-inch chlorine tablets.

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3-Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

3-Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

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However in case you have a smaller pool, like an Intex pool or a pool 5,000 or much less, you’ll need to use 1-inch chlorine tablets as an alternative. Whereas technically, you should use a single 3-inch puck for five,000 gallons of water, it’s straightforward to by accident over-chlorinate in case your tablets are too giant.

In the precise applicator, like an computerized chlorinator, chlorine tablets present a gradual provide of chlorine to your pool water. And so they’re simpler to deal with and retailer than granular or liquid chlorine.

However there are some downsides to chlorine pucks. They’ll drastically decrease your pH and alkalinity ranges, which may irritate swimmer pores and skin and eyes and erode pool surfaces and tools.

They’ll additionally elevate your cyanuric acid ranges over time since every puck is stabilized. And excessive cyanuric acid ranges can affect your chlorine’s effectiveness. All of it is determined by what chlorine tablets you utilize, the way you add them to your pool, and the way usually you check your water.

So right here’s how to decide on the precise chlorine tablets primarily based in your pool dimension and how you can add them safely.

What’s the Distinction Between Pool  Chlorine Tablets and Different Kinds of Chlorine?

Pool chlorine is available in three widespread types: tablets, granules, and liquid.

Chlorine Tablets

Often known as pucks, chlorine tabs include chlorine and a stabilizing element like cyanuric acid or CYA. They normally are available 1-inch or 3-inch pucks and are positioned in floating dispensers, pool skimmers, or computerized chlorinators.

As a result of these pucks are slow-dissolving, long-lasting, and supply sustained chlorination, they’re extra handy in comparison with including granules. Trichlor chlorine tablets include as much as 90 p.c chlorine (in comparison with granules). They may also have an effect on your pool’s pH and alkalinity.

Chlorine Granules

Granular chlorine dissolves rapidly in water, serving to struggle algae and contaminants quick. It’s added on to your pool, supplying you with full management of the dosage. However since you need to measure and add it your self, it’s extra harmful and cumbersome to deal with.

And granules received’t work in computerized feeders, since they dissolve too rapidly. Granules are normally fabricated from dichlor chlorine, containing a decrease share of chlorine than tablets (round 60 p.c).

Liquid Chlorine

Liquid chlorine or bleach incorporates the identical most important ingredient as different pool chlorine (sodium hypochlorite). It’s cheaper than tablets and granules, however it’s unstabilized. Which means you’ll want so as to add a stabilizer, often known as cyanuric acid, to guard the chlorine from breaking down within the solar.

And the sort of chlorine has a particularly excessive pH and is extremely corrosive. Lastly, it doesn’t have a protracted shelf life and also you’ll want so as to add quite a lot of it since liquid chlorine solely incorporates 10-12% chlorine and bleach solely incorporates 3-6% chlorine.

The perfect chlorine degree in your swimming pool

Your free chlorine ranges needs to be 1 to three PPM (elements per million), with 3 PPM of free and out there chlorine being splendid. Even for those who use slow-dosing chlorine tablets, you’ll need to check your pool water as soon as per week to verify your pH, alkalinity, and chlorine are inside vary. The mistaken chlorine ranges may cause eye and pores and skin irritation, algae progress, or cloudy water.

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The way to Select the Proper Chlorine Pill Measurement: 3-inch vs. 1-inch

Tablets usually are available two sizes: 3-inch or 1-inch chlorine tablets. As a normal rule, one 3-inch pill will sanitize 5,000 gallons of pool water.

One-inch tablets dissolve extra rapidly since they’re smaller and have much less floor space for the water to move over. They’re nice for smaller inground and above floor swimming pools.

Whilst you technically may add a single 3-inch puck to a 5,000-gallon pool, it’s straightforward to over-chlorinate a smaller physique of water. Utilizing a number of 1-inch tablets is a greater technique to management dosing.

Three-inch tablets, however, are simpler to deal with and dissolve extra slowly than 1-inch tablets. They’re higher for bigger swimming pools since a single 3-inch pill can sanitize as much as 5,000 gallons. And so they’re the very best dimension to make use of in an computerized chlorinator.

Whereas it is a extra hands-off strategy to sanitizing your pool, you’ll nonetheless should usually measure your water chemistry ranges. Keep in mind, chlorine tablets can decrease pH and alkalinity ranges and lift your cyanuric acid ranges over time.

For those who don’t already know the way a lot water your pool holds, take a look at our easy-to-use pool calculator to determine your pool quantity.

Pool Quantity Calculator
Click on in your pool form to calculate the quantity of water.

The way to Select the Finest Chlorine Tablets for Your Pool

Whatever the model you select (together with Clorox, HTH, In The Swim, and so forth.), most 3-inch or “jumbo” chlorine tablets are fabricated from trichlor chlorine. Containing as much as 90 p.c chlorine, stable trichlor chlorine tablets additionally include cyanuric acid (CYA) that stabilizes the chlorine and protects it from breaking down within the solar.

As soon as a pill dissolves within the pool water, the remedy resists degradation below direct daylight and UV mild, slowing the manufacturing of chloramines.

Most chlorine tablets include the identical components so that you received’t see many variables throughout manufacturers.

However you’ll want to double-check the components and the scale of the tablets (1-inch vs. 3-inch). And make it possible for your chlorine pucks are available a correctly sealed container or bucket. Some chlorine tablets come individually wrapped contained in the containers as properly.

Don’t use chlorine tablets in case you have an indoor pool!

Chlorine tablets include cyanuric acid to guard chlorine from breaking down within the UV rays of the solar. However it’ll construct up over time in an indoor pool, which doesn’t want any CYA.

The way to Add Chlorine Tablets to Your Pool

There are three widespread methods to make use of pool tablets: utilizing an computerized chlorinator, inside a floating dispenser, or positioned in your skimmer basket. Do not forget that different issues like your pool water temperature and water strain can affect the period of time it takes your pill to dissolve.

And a bigger, 3-inch pill will break down extra slowly than a 1-inch pill. We advocate utilizing an computerized chlorinator or a floater in your chlorine tablets.

1. Automated Chlorinators (Finest Choice)

An computerized chlorinator, often known as a chemical feeder, is probably the most dependable possibility for utilizing chlorine tablets. Merely add a number of tablets to the chlorinator and set the speed you need the tablets to dissolve. Put in instantly into your pump and filter system, a chlorinator disperses a gradual, measured quantity of chlorine or bromine into the water earlier than it returns to your pool.

Chlorinators use water strain to dissolve pucks at a gradual fee. Remember the fact that these pucks or tablets will solely dissolve in your chlorinator when your pool pump is working. In case your pump is on a timer and turns off, your pill won’t dissolve and due to this fact it received’t disperse into your pool.

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Hayward Automatic Pool Chlorinator (Inline)

Hayward Automated Pool Chlorinator (Inline)

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2. Floating Dispensers (Second Finest Choice)

Chlorine floaters are plastic pool devices that journey round your pool, dispersing sanitizer because the tablets inside dissolve. They’re handy and low-maintenance. However they dispense chlorine or bromine erratically, so your ranges could fluctuate.

They’ll additionally get caught in a single spot in your pool, like behind ladders, inflicting them to dispense an excessive amount of sanitizer in a single spot. And that may discolor and even harm your pool liner.

3. Tablets Contained in the Skimmer Basket (Not Really helpful)

With a steady water stream by means of the filter, putting tablets in your skimmer gives a steadier dissolving fee. As water flows by means of, it’ll break down the pill and ship sanitized water by means of your filter system and again into your pool.

However the tablets will dissolve even when the filter isn’t working. Sanitizer can acquire in and close to the skimmer basket, inflicting stains, erosion, and tools harm.

At any time when including chlorine tablets to your water, you’ll want to check and stability your different chemical ranges. Ensure that your alkalinity is between 100 and 150 PPM and your pH is between 7.4 and seven.6. Your alkalinity will affect your pH, and your pH can affect the effectiveness of your chlorine.

Additionally, make certain your cyanuric acid ranges needs to be between 30 and 50 PPM. Including chlorine tablets to your pool water will increase your CYA ranges.

For those who want extra assist with pool chemistry (together with water balancing, sanitizers, algaecide, and extra), take a look at our information on Fundamental Pool Chemistry 101.

How Many Chlorine Tablets Ought to I Use in my Pool?

A 3-inch chlorine pill can sanitize as much as 5,000 gallons of water. So in case you have a 20,000-gallon pool, you’ll need to use 4 3-inch chlorine tablets.

To calculate the precise variety of tablets, spherical your pool quantity as much as the closest 5,000 gallons. And in case you have a smaller pool (below 10,000 gallons), think about using 1-inch chlorine tablets. It’s straightforward to over-chlorinate a smaller physique of water.

Examine your computerized chlorinator or floater every week and check your water chemistry utilizing a check strip or liquid check equipment. Steadiness your pH and alkalinity and monitor your chlorine and cyanuric acid ranges.

In case your chlorine or CYA is just too excessive, you’ll want to make use of fewer chlorine tablets or alter the settings in your dispenser. Refill your dispenser with chlorine pucks as wanted every week.

Continuously Requested Questions About Chlorine Tablets

Ought to I exploit 1-inch or 3-inch chlorine tablets?

Chlorine tablets are available two sizes: 3-inch and 1-inch. The three-inch tablets are finest for bigger swimming pools with 5,000 gallons or extra. The 1-inch tablets are for smaller swimming pools with lower than 5,000 gallons of water.

Do you actually need chlorine tablets in your pool?

Sure, chlorine tabs dissolve slowly to launch a gradual provide of chlorine into your pool water. With out chlorine tablets, your pool can rapidly turn into a breeding floor for dangerous micro organism and algae. Whereas different pool sanitation strategies exist, chlorine tablets stay probably the most broadly used and efficient technique for sustaining correct pool hygiene.

Is it cheaper to make use of liquid chlorine or tablets?

No. Technically, liquid chlorine prices much less per quantity than chlorine tablets. However liquid chlorine requires extra frequent dosing, so that you’ll pay extra over time. Plus, transporting heavy jugs of liquid chlorine can result in a better likelihood of bleaching your automotive or elements of your private home which is able to value much more cash to repair. Dealing with chlorine tablets is less complicated.

Can I exploit pool shock as an alternative of chlorine tablets?

Nope, pool shock and chlorine tablets usually are not interchangeable! Pool shock is normally fabricated from calcium hypochlorite and it’s like a burst of vitality, whereas tablets are extra like a sluggish and regular marathon runner. Shock is used for fast boosts of chlorine to oxidize the chloramines (useless chlorine that has killed contaminants). Tablets are for normal upkeep.

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