The carnivorous, almost immortal worm is actual, and it is in Louisiana. Here is what to know


A slimy, carnivorous, poisonous, immortal worm feels like one thing from a science fiction film, or out of your nightmares, however it’s actual.

Don’t fret although the hammerhead worm is extra hype than hurt.

Chris Carlton, PhD, Director Emeritus on the LSU Ag Middle mentioned, “they don’t seem to be harmful. They’re uncommon and form of unusual, and so they gross individuals out as a result of they’re slimy. However that is about it.”

The worm species is prevalent within the south and has made a house in Louisiana. Although you should not worry them, it does not imply they don’t seem to be harmful, particularly for those who’re an earthworm.

“They’re predators,” Carlton mentioned.

These worms have quite a few names mostly known as a hammerhead flatworm to shoveled worm, as a consequence of their form. These lengthy squiggly worms have flat heads the plunge out both aspect and might attain as much as a foot lengthy.

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Hammerhead worms earned then name because of the way their head resembles hammerhead sharks.

Hammerhead worms earned then identify due to the best way their head resembles hammerhead sharks.

“The Hammerhead worms are half of a big group of flatworms that belong to the actual file of organisms,” Carlton mentioned. “These terrestrial flatworms belong to a selected household. In North America, there’s in all probability 5 or 6.”

Carlton continued to say that Louisiana has a couple of of those teams of flatworms. The most typical is Bipalium kewense which originated within the botanical gardens of the UK.

These invasive species are native to Southeast Asia, and have an affinity to sizzling, humid areas such because the southern United States area.

Very similar to slugs, these worms are lively at evening and after rain when the soil is moist. They are often discovered beneath leaves and in darkish areas.

“These massive terrestrial flatworms crawl round, they reside in moist locations. You discover them usually below compost or below boards,” Carlton mentioned. “They’re fairly attention-grabbing.”

Why is that this species so necessary?

Hammerhead flatworm.

Hammerhead flatworm.

The most important menace of the hammerhead worm is that it kills the great worms.

Hammerhead worms eat slugs, bugs, snails and earthworms.

The earthworm is necessary within the underground scene due to its function within the decomposition of natural issues, elevated soil aeration, water motion and plant progress.

“This stuff have a small ecological impression on the issues that they are feeding on. Within the case of this widespread one which feeds on earthworms, a lot of the earthworms that we now have in Louisiana are literally launched as properly. So you could have a state of affairs the place you could have an launched predator feeding on launched earthworms. So, the online impression on the surroundings might be zero,” Carlton mentioned.

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“They form of wrap themselves round them (bugs), and so they digest them from the within out and so they mainly drink the digested organism like a Slurpee,” Carlton mentioned.

A hammerhead worm’s mouth is on the underside of the worm. So, when it attaches itself to the prey it produces an enzyme and toxin that immobilizes the creature and dissolves the creature.

Carlton mentioned, “it merely dissolves it and makes it virtually a liquid.”

What occurs for those who are available contact with one?

Hammerhead worms can grow up a foot in length.

Hammerhead worms can develop up a foot in size.

Carlton defined, “When you did are available contact with one, it’s best to wash your arms as a result of they do produce a toxin. It would not have an effect on people who simply contact them. You would not wish to eat one, as a result of they do in actual fact produce a poison that they use in predation.”

When you plan to kill this worm suppose twice earlier than trying to reducing it up. It would regrow no matter half it wants. Lower it into 4 items, you will have 4 new worms.

One of the best ways to kill this worm is by sprinkling salt or vinegar on it.

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