Proviron and its effects


Proviron is a mesterolone-based steroid preparation with a rather high androgenic activity and minimal anabolic activity, which you can freely buy in Belarus on our site. It is mainly used in sports, although it can also be used in medicine.

In sports, especially in bodybuilding, Proviron by Schering AG is mainly used as an adjunct during an AAS course to increase free testosterone levels / prevent abnormalities associated with decreased testosterone production and inhibit aromatase / prevent aromatogenic side effects associated with flavoring. Please visit to read the recommended dosage and course of Proviron.

Useful properties of Proviron

The active ingredient of the product, mestrolone, is a steroid with marked androgenic properties and low anabolic activity. Its anabolic activity index is just 40% of endogenous testosterone, while its androgenic activity index is 150% of testosterone. Therefore, mestelolone is generally considered to be an androgen.

It should be noted that in sports, Proviron and its active ingredient (mesterolone) are valued for their different effects. First, it helps to increase the concentration of free testosterone (it almost never affects the body’s production of testosterone, but increases the level of free hormone in the blood). This effect is due to the suppression of hGH activity and is useful in helping to prevent the various abnormalities associated with testosterone deficiency. Proviron and many other anti-estrogens can be purchased at our sports pharmacy online store.
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The second significant effect of Proviron is its anti-estrogenic activity, i.e. its ability to inhibit aromatization. The drug is known to be a rather effective aromatase inhibitor, which prevents the process of converting steroids to estrogen. For this reason, in practice, it can help eliminate and prevent side effects of an estrogenic nature, including gynecomastia.

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