Pool Filter Cartridges: When to Clear and When to Exchange


pool filter cartridges clean or replace?Correct cleansing of your filter cartridges is not going to solely assist to maintain your pool as clear as attainable, but additionally improve it’s helpful life.

Ultimately, the cartridge must get replaced. Filth, oils and minerals construct up which cleansing received’t take away.

Listed below are some suggestions for when/the way to clear a pool filter cartridge, and when to switch your pool filter cartridge.

When to Clear a Pool Filter Cartridge

when to clean a dirty pool filter cartridgeFilter cartridges ought to be cleaned every time the filter stress gauge will increase by about 8 PSI (kilos per sq. inch) or extra above the traditional working stress, or a minimum of each 6 months assuming your filter is correctly sized and also you haven’t had any unusually giant burden positioned on the filter (resembling a nasty algae bloom or very heavy bather hundreds).

In case you discover a change in your water high quality, examine the filter for harm/tears, and a cleansing could also be wanted.
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How you can Clear a Pool Filter Cartridge

unicel-cartridge-guy-sprayingTo correctly clear a cartridge you’ll need to first take away any giant grime and particles particles after which soak it in a pool filter cartridge cleansing answer to take away constructed up oils and scum.

Use a backyard hose to take away the bigger particles, cleansing between the pleats from prime to backside. The extra deeply you clear your pool filter cartridge, the longer it’ll final. Rapidly hosing off it off and placing it again within the tank isn’t advisable. While you clear your cartridges, give it the complete therapy every time.

filter-wand for cleaning cartridge filtersThe pool Filter Wand is a brush that you simply hook up with you backyard hose to extend water stress. This lets you simply brush the cartridge and have water movement by way of on the similar time.

filter-flosser to clean pool filter cartridgesThe Filter Flosser is a excessive stress cleansing head that you simply connect to a backyard hose to blast grime and particles out of the pleats in your filter cartridge.

When you’ve eliminated all the unfastened particles, soaking the filter in a filter cleansing answer to take away oils and minerals is the following step. Pure Chemistry’s Filter Excellent or In The Swim’s granular filter cleaner are nice choices.

unicel-cartridge-guy-using-filter-perfectPure Chemistry’s Filter Excellent is a extremely concentrated, pure enzyme cleansing answer. Add 1 liter of Filter Excellent to a bucket of 5 to 10 gallons of water and soak the cartridge for at least 6 hours, or let it soak in a single day. Take away the cartridge from the answer and rinse completely.

filter-clean product from intheswimIn The Swim’s granular filter cleaner has related dosing directions, add 1 lb. of the granular filter cleaner to five gallons of water; soak for twenty-four hours, then rinse completely.

They each work effectively on oils and minerals, however – in case your cartridge is clogged with oily residues, use the Filter Excellent, and if in case you have extra of a tough water minerals or metallic deposits clogging your cartridge, use our Filter Cleaner product.

Tips for pool filter cartridgesFor finest outcomes, enable your cartridge to dry totally after soaking earlier than putting it again within the filter tank.

A tall kitchen trash can normally is tall sufficient; if not, flip it over after 6 hours to soak each ends of the filter cartridge.
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Having substitute cartridges means that you can change cartridges at cleansing time, so that you aren’t with out filtering throughout the cleansing and drying course of.

When to Exchange a Filter Cartridge

gravestone for Pool F. Cartridge

Typically most individuals change their filter cartridges about each 3-5 years, however don’t use the period of time that has handed as the one figuring out issue, monitor the efficiency of your filter. Your timeframe could also be longer or shorter relying on the demand positioned on the cartridge.

There are 3 methods to find out when your filter cartridge has given up the ghost.

First way to determine your filter cartridge needs to be replacedCleansing Frequency: Pool filter cartridges have to be cleaned when the stress gauge rises 8 PSI above regular working stress. When the timeframe in between this improve in stress begins to shorten considerably, the filter cartridge in all probability must be changed.

Maintain monitor of the filter stress and the date you clear your filter cartridge. When the size of time between cleanings is half of what it was, your filter cartridge has reached it’s “half-life”, and it’s time to switch.

Second way to determine that your pool filter cartridge needs to be replacedWater High quality: One other solution to decide in case your filter cartridge is terminally unwell, is if you discover that the water stays cloudy or inexperienced regardless of correct chemical steadiness, or that it’s important to run your filter longer or use extra sanitizer, to attain clear and clear pool water.

Clear the cartridge first, but when the issue doesn’t clear up in just a few days, the cartridge might be unable to filter the water as successfully because it as soon as did. It’s because every time a cartridge is cleaned, the fibers separate just a little bit extra, permitting nice grime and algae to go by way of unfiltered. Unicel recommends a brand new filter cartridge after 12-15 cleanings.

3rd way to know when it's time to replace your pool filter cartridgeFilter Harm: The third method of figuring out the necessity for a brand new filter cartridge is to examine it completely each time you clear it, on the lookout for rips or tears within the cloth. Harm to the filter will scale back the potential for adequate filtering. When you’ve got tears, or rips within the cloth, or if there are cracks within the rubber finish cap of the cartridge; it must be changed.

There may be one other method to calculate the size of time between pool cartridge substitute, and that’s the tipping level of filter dimension vs pool dimension.

pool-filter-cartridge-replacement-chartLarger cartridge filters have longer filter cycles and fewer cleanings per yr, in lots of instances requiring solely a single cleansing at closing time. Put merely, bigger filters will last more than undersized filters, so go large!

When you’ve got a usually sized cartridge pool filter with 100 sq ft of filter floor space per 10000 gallons, your filters ought to final 2-3 years. When you’ve got double the filter dimension, you will get almost double the cartridge lifespan! All else being equal!*

unicel-cartridge-guy-in-boxIn The Swim carries a whole bunch of substitute pool cartridges. Our filter cartridge search instrument means that you can rapidly discover your cartridge by half quantity, dimension or filter producer. All you could discover a substitute cartridge on our web site is the half quantity and/or the size (size and width).

Need assistance discovering a substitute cartridge, or have any questions on the way to take care of an getting old filter cartridge? Give a name to 1-800-288-7946!


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