My Pool Is Frozen. Now What?


February in Texas is often above the freeze line, which implies that most pool homeowners don’t winterize their swimming pools. Nonetheless, if there’s one phrase to explain Mom Nature it’s positively unpredictable. Unpredictable climate in Texas has pool homeowners throughout the state questioning the identical factor, “My pool is frozen. Now what?”

Pool homeowners in states like Florida and Texas are likely to hold their swimming pools open all 12 months lengthy. So, if by a sudden likelihood a snowstorm comes by, it’s possible you’ll have to know the best way to keep your pool throughout freezing temperatures.

Are You Working Your Pool Pump?

Pool Pump And Filter Not Working

When the climate begins to drop under 32 levels F, pool homeowners ought to run their pumps constantly to keep away from their water from freezing.

The constant motion of water prevents the water in your pool tools and pipes from freezing and cracking. Nonetheless, what occurs if you happen to lose energy?

When you lose energy, you lose the power to flow into your pool water. Consequently, your pump can freeze.

Within the occasion that your pump freezes, please take the next steps.

  1. Flip off circuit breakers for all pool tools.
  2. Open your filter’s air bleeder valve.
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    Whether it is frozen, pour heat water to soften the ice.
  3. Take away the drain plugs out of your pump. This could drain any water nonetheless trapped inside.
  4. Take away the drain plug out of your filter.
  5. Take away any winterizing plugs and/or open drain valves in your heater.
  6. If relevant, take away your chlorinator lid and tubing.
  7. Open all of your valves or modify any 3-way valves to the center place in order that it permits the water to movement again into the pool
  8. Shield any pipes that can not be drained with electrical warmth strips. Cowl digital ignition heaters with a blanket. (UNCOVER PRIOR TO USE)

Pool Pump And Filter Are Working

In the event you at present have energy, run your pump and filter constantly. In the event you put in a freeze guard in your pool system, it ought to run your pump continuous till it reaches a protected temperature. Nonetheless, it could be good to control your pump simply in case your freeze safety doesn’t kick in.

Hold your skimmer space and door free from ice. Attempt to break any ice that varieties alongside the floor and/or close to your skimmers. Take away your skimmer door whether it is changing into not possible to maintain your door from icing. You need to keep away from damaging your skimmer in any respect prices.

Additionally, attempt to keep the correct water ranges in your pool always. In case your water degree drops too low, your pump will start to suck in air by your skimmers.

Lastly, by no means backwash your filter throughout excessive chilly. Your filter’s stress gauge can freeze which may typically end in inaccurate readings. We don’t advocate working your pool heater until the unit was working previous to the drop in temperature. If it was not working as soon as the freeze began, wait till temperatures rise once more earlier than working your heater. In actual fact, most heater producers point out within the proprietor’s guide the temperatures by which the unit shouldn’t function. Please confer with your guide for particular temperatures.

My Pool Gear Is Frozen

In case your pool water and tools are already frozen, there are nonetheless steps you may take to assist reduce any future harm. Throughout freezing temperatures, a skinny sheet of ice can type. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be involved till the ice is thicker than ¼” to ½”.
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Because the ice expands, it places stress in your pool tile and skimmers

Vinyl Liners

When you’ve got a vinyl liner, take note of the forming of ice sheets. When you’ve got a leak beneath the ice sheets, the ice sheets can fall and harm your pool liner. We don’t advocate eradicating the water beneath the ice. As a substitute, it’s best to add extra water if wanted.

Pool Covers

Though pool covers had been designed to face up to the chilly, they don’t seem to be designed to face up to heavyweight. Be sure to keep on prime of pumping and cleansing your cowl. Failing to take action can lead to ice forming, which may harm your cowl. (Sadly, that is NOT lined beneath the producer’s guarantee.)

Mesh covers tend to appear to be it’s near breaking or ripping beneath the ice. Nonetheless, the quilt really tends to ‘stick’ to the floor of your water and can soar again to common form after thawing.

Pool Pipes

Your pool pipes that sit above floor are more likely to crack if you don’t hold your pump working as soon as temperatures fall under 32 levels F. In case your PVC pipes freeze, the ice will increase and trigger cracks to your pipes, pumps, valves, filters, and heaters.

If for no matter motive you can not run your pool tools, we advocate wrapping your PVC plumbing with a heating cable or blanket.

3 Methods To Keep away from Damaging Your Gear

Throughout freezing temperatures, pool homeowners can take additional precautions to keep away from damaging their pool tools. Listed below are a couple of choices for you:

  1. Hold your pump working always throughout freezing temperatures.
  2. Set up a freeze protector.
  3. Take away winterizing plugs out of your pump, filter, heater, and different pool tools that you would be able to drain.

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