5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Carpet


Carpets play an important role in the home decor that increases the overall beauty of the house. Though you should always ensure proper maintenance of the carpet since they get easily dirty, it’s worth keeping in your living space.

Sometimes, you get to make some mistakes unintentionally when cleaning your favorite carpet. And this article will give you a guideline on which mistakes to avoid from the beginning.

Not Vacuuming Regularly: It’s a must to vacuum clean your carpet regularly. You don’t need to wash or clean the carpet every day, but vacuuming it twice or thrice a week can help minimize your task while washing it.

You can say goodbye to dust and mite and can ensure a hygiene-friendly environment in the house.

Forget to Dab Stains and Rubbing Instead: You should know that your carpet’s delicate material could be damaged over the period if you keep smudging or rubbing the surface. If any stains are set on the carpet, consider having an instant wash with regular dishwashing liquid/ vinegar/ baking soda solution with water.

But don’t forget to dab the area only. If you rub the stains, they will spread out of the stained area and will leave a permanent mark.

Not Ensuring Immediate Cleaning to the Stains: If you are not concerned about stain marks on your carpet, it will tend to spread and leave a stubborn stain on the surface. No matter when you notice the stains have just set, you should ensure a quick wash.

If you leave it for a few hours to days or weeks, it will be tough to pull out the stains no matter how hard you try. However, in such cases, you can call a professional carpet cleaning Boise service to manage the stains and give it a whole new look again.

Using Abrasive Cleaning Agents: If you want to ensure a better material quality for your carpet for an extended period, consider avoiding abrasive cleaning agents. Abrasive cleaners are mostly detected when they contain chlorine, bleach, etc. Make sure not to use anything that doesn’t suit your carpet’s material.

Filling Up With Cleaning Agents for Long Hours: It’s not OK to leave your carpet in the cleaning agents for hours. Consider washing it off after 15-20 minutes of letting sit the carpet into the cleaning solution. Otherwise, it will damage the quality.

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