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A typical miter noticed received’t go any additional than 45 or 50 levels to chop your wooden. Nevertheless, many initiatives would possibly name for extra acute angles that your machine is designed for. This text will present you the best way to lower a 70 diploma angle with a miter noticed with three tried-and-true strategies.

After getting mastered all or any of them, there’s no deep angle that may hassle you anymore! Easy methods to discover the perfect miter noticed for inexperienced persons. You’re not going to go away in the course of your woodworking battle simply due to these sharp angles.

The tactic to chop a 70 diploma angle with a miter noticed

Listed here are 3 ways you need to use your miter noticed to create a 70-degree angle. It takes a little bit of maths to calculate the correct angle you wish to lower.

Technique 1

  • Step 1: Place a 2×4 piece of wooden on the desk noticed. Use a clamp to carry it in place because you’re not going to maneuver it all through the whole lower.
how to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw
  • Step 2: Set your miter noticed to 45 levels and lock it in, and go forward to make the lower.
  • Step 3: Take the piece of wooden that you just simply lower, flip it over and place it on the opposite aspect of the desk noticed.
how to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw
  • Step 4: Subsequent, use one other clamp to carry the piece in place, which acts as a stopper in your lower later. The 2 items create a 90-degree angle.
  • Step 5: If there’s some overlapping proper in the course of the noticed, chances are you’ll wish to give it a lower.
  • Step 6: Let’s flip again to the 45-degree angle of our first lower. We have already got 45 levels, so what number of levels from that time will it’s 70 levels? We’d like 25 levels extra.
  • Step 7: Swing your noticed to 25 levels. Lay the board on the desk noticed, and push it in the direction of the stopper. Lastly, make the lower.
how to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw

Technique 2

  • Step 1: Place a 1×2 piece of scrap wooden on the desk noticed. The piece must be the identical dimension because the miter noticed’s fence.
  • Step 2: Use CA glue to safe it in place (CA glue does damage your noticed). Should you don’t wish to glue in your miter noticed, you may maintain down the wooden piece with two or extra clamps.
  • Step 3: Rotate your machine to the left and lower a 45-degree angle. Subsequent, swing it to the correct at 45 levels and make one other lower.
how to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw
  • Step 4: The 2 cuts will kind a 45-degree pyramid within the center, like methodology 1.
how to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw
  • Step 5: To chop a 70-degree angle in your molding, all you must do is about the miter noticed to 25 levels, activate the noticed and make the lower.

Technique 3

Since this methodology requires you to construct an angle jig to clamp in your miter noticed, it takes extra time and effort. Nevertheless, the identical math-and-degrees nonetheless can apply right here.

  • Step 1: The fence peak must be the utmost depth of lower of your miter noticed. For instance, in case your machine can lower 4 ¼ inches at max, your fence must be 4 ¼ inches tall.
  • Step 2:  Use a hardwood of 4 ¼ inches large and 12 inches lengthy for the rear help. For the entrance help, it must be 4 ¼ inches large and 16 inches lengthy. Minimize a 45-degree angle for one finish of every piece.
  • Step 3: Connect ¼-inch plywood to the underside of the jig for higher help utilizing glue and staples. You’ll be able to go a step additional by glue and nail one other piece of wooden between the rear and the entrance help to strengthen the jig.
  • Step 4: Place the jig on the noticed, and be sure that the noticed received’t lower via it. You’ll see the rear help will probably be longer than the miter noticed fence.

Mark a line the place the rear help sits flush with the fence and lower that line so the jig will all the time sit in the correct spot subsequent time.

how to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw
  • Step 5: Be mindful to all the time clamp the jig to the miter noticed’s fence and use one other clamp to repair the piece you’re chopping with the jig.

Please don’t try to carry them together with your hand below any circumstances.

how to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw
  • Step 6: After securing the fabric in place, alter the noticed angle. As talked about, the identical mathematical precept is relevant right here.

For instance, for a 70-degree angle, set the angle of your noticed to 25 levels ( the 45 levels of the jig + 25 levels = 70 levels).


With these easy methods on the best way to lower a 70 diploma angle with a miter noticed, you may deal with any DIY mission with extra confidence. Be taught extra about woodworking at

Furnishings, cabinetry, and dwelling decor are all about creativity, so the power to chop a 70-degree or any angle at will can carry out a surprising end result on the finish.

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