How Does It Work and Is It Higher Than Pool Clarifier?


Should you’ve obtained cloudy pool water and also you need to clear it up quick, pool flocculant can assist. It’s quick and efficient at clearing up cloudy water. However it gained’t work in each cloudy pool scenario. So when must you use pool flocculant? And when must you use a pool clarifier as an alternative?

Right here’s a fast information on the distinction between pool flocculant and pool clarifier and how you can use flocculant to clear cloudy water. You’ll be able to watch the fast video beneath. Or maintain studying for the whole pool flocculant tutorial.

What’s Pool Flocculant?

Pool flocculant, also called pool floc, clumps collectively the tiny particles in your pool that trigger cloudy water. As soon as these particles have coagulated, the bigger clumps sink to the underside of your swimming pool the place they’re vacuumed out.

Right here’s the pool flocculant that we advocate:

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BioGuard PowerFloc Pool Flocculant

BioGuard PowerFloc Pool Flocculant

This highly effective pool flocculant helps clear up excessively cloudy water. The extra particles within the water, the quicker it really works! It binds collectively particles and sinks them to the underside of your pool for vacuum elimination and glowing clear water.

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What’s the Distinction Between Pool Clarifier and Pool Flocculant?

Pool flocculant coagulates small particles into bigger clumps that sink to the underside of the pool. Floc is quicker and simpler than a clarifier, but it surely requires extra work and should be manually eliminated with a pool vacuum. Pool clarifier, then again, coagulates particles into smaller clumps which are eliminated by the pool filter. It’s simpler to make use of than floc, but it surely’s not as highly effective and usually takes longer to clear up your pool water.

Pool Clarifier vs Pool Flocculant

What Are the Advantages of Pool Flocculant?

In lots of cloudy water conditions, pool flocculant is an efficient possibility for clearing up your pool:

  • Pool flocculant works shortly. Not like clarifier, you gained’t have to attend days for flocculant to do its job. The particles shortly coagulate collectively and sink to your pool flooring in a matter of hours.
  • Pool flocculant could be very efficient. Flocculant retains particles clumped collectively till you take away them with a vacuum. No stragglers are left behind inflicting cloudy spots in your swimming pool water.
  • Pool flocculant works properly with sand filters and diatomaceous earth or DE filters. These filters have multiport valves that embody a “Waste” setting. And which means it’s simple to bypass the filter when vacuuming out the clumped particles and flocculant.

What Are the Downsides of Pool Flocculant?

Earlier than you go for a pool flocculant over a pool clarifier, there are a number of the explanation why it won’t be splendid:

  • Pool flocculant requires extra work. As soon as the clumps type on the underside of the pool, you’ll must take away them with a guide pool vacuum. An automated pool vacuum will not work.
  • You’ll lose pool water utilizing pool flocculant. While you vacuum the clumps out, you’ll must vacuum on the “waste” setting and bypass the filter. All of that water will go away your pool and your water degree will drop.
  • You’ll be able to’t use pool flocculant with a cartridge filter. Except you have got a customized plumbing setup that means that you can bypass the filter while you vacuum, you gained’t be capable of use pool flocculant with a cartridge filter system.

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How Lengthy Does it Take for Pool Flocculant to Work?

Pool flocculant can clear up your cloudy pool water in 1 or 2 days. Although it really works quicker than pool clarifiers, it would want 8 to 16 hours to clump collectively the particles earlier than you’ll be able to vacuum. Add flocculant to your pool along with your filter on “recirculate.” Then let the flocculant sit in a single day along with your pool pump off. As soon as it has settled to the underside of your pool, use a guide vacuum to take away all the coagulated particles.

How To Use Pool Flocculant

Earlier than you utilize pool flocculant, be certain your pool filter has a “waste” setting. Bear in mind, the coagulated particles can not be eliminated by your filter, so you will need to be capable of bypass your filter and vacuum the water out of your pool.

1. Set Filter to Recirculate

Flip your sand filter or DE filter multiport valve to “recirculate.” Don’t enable pool flocculant to get into your filter. It’ll block every part up, rendering your filter ineffective till you exchange the filter medium altogether.

2. Stability pH

Your pH ought to be between 7.4 and seven.6 earlier than including pool floc. Check your water ranges. Then, alter your pH with a pH increaser or pH decreaser.

3. Add Pool Flocculant (Floc) to Pool Water

Add the correct quantity of flocculant based mostly in your measurement pool. Should you need assistance determining your pool’s quantity, you need to use a pool calculator that can assist you. Make sure you learn the producer’s directions earlier than including any chemical to your water.

Right here’s our advice for a pool flocculant:

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BioGuard PowerFloc Pool Flocculant

BioGuard PowerFloc Pool Flocculant

This highly effective pool flocculant helps clear up excessively cloudy water. The extra particles within the water, the quicker it really works! It binds collectively particles and sinks them to the underside of your pool for vacuum elimination and glowing clear water.

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4. Flow into the Pool Flocculant

Run the pool pump for 2 hours to flow into the floc all through the water. Bear in mind to maintain your filter set to “recirculate,” not “filter.”

5. Let Pool Flocculant Sit for 8 Hours

Flip off your pump and enable the pool to sit down for at the least eight hours. That is best to do in a single day. When you’ve got an automated timer set in your system, keep in mind to show it off.

6. Vacuum Particle Clumps Out of Pool

Set your pool filter to ”Waste” and join your guide vacuum. Should you don’t have a multiport valve, open your filter’s drain port and let the water drain out as you vacuum. And in the event you need assistance vacuuming your pool, make sure to try our information on How To Use A Handbook Pool Vacuum. As you vacuum the particle clumps from the underside of your pool, the motion might fire up the particles and cloud your pool once more. If this occurs, take a break, enable the particles to settle, then start vacuuming once more. Attempt to transfer slowly. And you could must vacuum two or 3 times to take away all of the clumps.

7. Verify Pool’s Water Stage

In case your water degree has gone down (it possible will), use a backyard hose with a filter so as to add contemporary, clear water and produce the extent again up the place it must be. You can even maintain the hose within the pool whilst you’re vacuuming, although this will likely additionally fire up the particles.

8. Check and Stability Water

Since you’ve eliminated and changed water in your pool, you’ll must rebalance your water chemistry. Check your pool water and alter your Alkalinity and pH. As soon as these ranges are balanced, add chlorine. Make sure you run your filter system usually when rebalancing your water.

Ought to You Use Pool Flocculant or Pool Clarifier?

If you wish to shortly clear up your cloudy water (like for a pool get together) or in the event you’ve obtained a extremely cloudy pool, use pool flocculant. Regardless that the vacuuming takes extra work, floc works extra successfully at clumping collectively particles. Simply be sure to have the power to bypass your filter when vacuuming water out of your pool.

In case your pool is just a bit cloudy, go for the pool clarifier. You need to use this in any scenario with any filter setup. It’s simply not as highly effective as floc.

Incessantly Requested Questions About Pool Flocculant

Searching for extra assist utilizing pool floc? Listed below are some frequent questions and solutions.

Are you able to swim in cloudy pool water?

No, you shouldn’t swim in cloudy pool water. A cloudy pool is filled with contaminants that may trigger eye irritation. There’s additionally an elevated threat of drowning since visibility is proscribed. Keep away from swimming in your pool till the water is cleared up.

When ought to I add Pool Flocculant to my pool water?

When you’ve got cloudy water however your water chemistry is balanced (pH, alkalinity, and chlorine ranges) and your filters are clear, add pool flocculant. It’s additionally useful so as to add floc after a rainstorm when particles and soiled water enter your pool or when you’ve got early-stage algae progress. As a result of pool flocculant wants 8 to 16 hours to work in your water, it’s most useful so as to add it at nightfall and let it sit in a single day.

Can you utilize Pool Flocculant and Algaecide collectively?

Like several chemical, you need to by no means add algaecide and pool flocculant on the similar time to your pool water. However pool flocculant is helpful at preventing the early phases of algae progress. It helps bind floating algae particles, making it simpler to hoover them out of your pool.

Can I exploit Aluminum Sulfate as a Pool Flocculant?

Sure, you’ll be able to Aluminum Sulfate, also called Alum Floc, as a pool flocculant. Search for food-grade, garden-grade or technical-grade Aluminum Sulfate (however don’t confuse it with Ammonium Sulfate, which is a totally totally different chemical). Relying on the situation of your pool, you’ll need to use round 4 lbs of Alum per 10,000 gallons of water. It really works identical to a packaged pool flocculant, so make sure your water chemistry is balanced earlier than including it, and make sure to vacuum to waste.

Can you utilize an excessive amount of Pool Flocculant?

Sure! Utilizing an excessive amount of pool flocculant can really make your pool water much more cloudy. Similar to some other pool chemical, make sure to comply with the producer’s directions and add the suitable quantity based mostly in your pool’s quantity.

If you find yourself continuously needing to make use of pool flocculant or clarifier, verify that you just clear or backwash your filtration system repeatedly. And make sure to maintain your pH ranges balanced. Should you want extra assist with water chemistry, make sure to try our Primary Pool Chemistry 101 information.

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