Does Enamel Whitening Trigger Sensitivity & Different Whitening Myths!


Whitened teeth

There may be by no means a unsuitable time for a whiter smile to develop into a precedence. Having a white smile can result in noteworthy well being advantages, from enhancing your look to enhancing your self-confidence. You may even end up smiling extra usually, which alone can have psychological health-related advantages. As tooth whitening turns into extra frequent – because of the process being extra reasonably priced, the widespread availability of over-the-counter merchandise, and the quite a few at-home and do-it-yourself therapies – it’s straightforward to get misplaced in misinformation that will get misinterpreted as reality. To assist perceive the reality about enamel whitening, our skilled staff has listed out the most typical tooth whitening myths.

1. Whitening causes excessive tooth sensitivity

Enamel whitening isn’t a painful therapy course of and mustn’t result in long-term sensitivity. You could expertise some extent of sensitivity, nevertheless, throughout and instantly after therapy. Should you really feel any stage of discomfort, it is best to let your dentist know or cease utilizing a selected product for any at-home therapy. The rationale for experiencing sensitivity from enamel whitening is as a result of the utilized answer might trigger your enamel to develop into briefly porous. This permits the whitening agent to take away the minerals which might be creating stains within the tooth. After the course of some days, the pure means of remineralization happens, which heals the tooth, and any emotions of sensitivity ought to finish. Because of this, long-term tooth sensitivity isn’t a facet impact of enamel whitening.

2. Enamel Whitening Damages Enamel

Though short-term tooth sensitivity could also be a facet impact, tooth whitening doesn’t trigger any everlasting injury to the enamel. Throughout tooth whitening, the utilized bleaching product travels by the enamel and to the second stage of the tooth (referred to as the “dentin”). The dentin is the place discoloration happens, so the whitening agent bleaches this layer with the intention to reverse staining. As soon as the process is full, your physique begins its pure means of remineralization, the place the naturally occurring calcium and phosphate minerals present in saliva deposit to the enamel to restore it. The tooth stays absolutely purposeful, and with no injury.

3. Tooth whitening outcomes are everlasting

Sadly, tooth whitening isn’t a everlasting repair to attain a whiter smile, though there are methods to extend the time to make your outcomes final. Training a wholesome dental routine that entails brushing twice per day, flossing, and utilizing mouthwash can permit your enamel to remain whiter longer. Moreover, remember the fact that the identical put on and tear that induced your enamel to develop into stained within the first place can achieve this once more. Consuming pink wine, darkish tea and low, dark-colored soda, and smoking can all result in the reappearance of tooth stains. And whereas your enamel are unlikely to return to their unique coloration if you’re involved about sustaining a white smile, you’ll be able to schedule a touch-up therapy each few months.

4. At-home whitening achieves the identical outcomes for much less

It’s not unusual to imagine that an at-home or over-the-counter tooth whitening product can present the identical advantages and outcomes as knowledgeable in-office whitening. The merchandise that you just discover within the retailer, nevertheless, are usually not as efficient as these provided by knowledgeable dental staff. The outcomes that you just obtain from an in-office therapy are usually extra constant and higher as a result of the cleansing brokers which might be utilized are considerably larger focus bleaching gels. Zoom, Britesmile, Opalescence, and Lumibrite whitening are all well-liked skilled bleaching gel choices, and every might solely be utilized by a skilled in-office skilled. Brush-on whiteners, strips, or trays that may be bought for at-home therapies usually use a decrease focus of hydrogen peroxide. Because of this you’ll not get the identical diploma of shade enhancements. Because of this, it could be tempting to overuse a few of these merchandise, which may truly be extra damaging to your enamel in the long term. Though at-home enamel whitening is a less expensive possibility, it is not going to present the identical stage of outcomes.

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