Sparkle Showdown: Comparing Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds


Myths prevail over lab diamonds vs real diamonds. Are they really different? Or do they have any similarity?

Well. There are many such questions. And the answers are not always available or pretty simple. You need to dig deeper to know more about the fact.

When it is about making a decision about selecting a diamond, you get confused. Which one is more preferable – Lab diamonds Brisbane or the natural one? 

Not to worry. This article will watch your back. You can have a comprehensive idea about the lab diamonds and their natural counterparts. Let’s check them out.

The formation

Natural diamonds are mined from diamond mines. Actually, they are the pieces of carbon which underwent extreme level of pressure. As they remain under the ground for an extensive time and bear extreme level of heat and pressure, the diamonds are grown.

But the setup is a bit different for the lab diamonds. The key difference of lab diamonds vs real diamonds is that the former one is grown in a laboratory. But the formation process is similar. The diamond seed undergoes a huge amount of pressure and heat. However, that is in a controlled environment.


The Lab diamonds Brisbane are made by following two methods. Either they are grown using CVD (Chemical Vaopour Deposition) or High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process. Each of the processes require a small diamond seed. The seed is placed in a chamber and the diamond grows over the time.

Natural diamond formation is also the same. But the carbon of the diamond is under a huge pressure. And the pressure is natural, not controlled. So, the formation process varies.

Chemical composition

There are no differences in the chemical or other compositions in natural and lab grown diamonds. Both of them share the same chemical features. And most importantly, the source of the diamonds is derived from carbon.

So, the overall outlook, colour, clarity is almost the same. You cannot identify any errors or difference between the two types of diamonds in bare eyes.

Size and shapes

There are some differences regarding the size and shapes of the natural and lab grown diamonds. The natural diamonds are not always available in a large shape or in high quality. It is a rare issue.

As the Lab diamonds Brisbane come from laboratories, they are available in different sizes and shapes. Even you can get the diamond in distinguished colours, as well. 

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