Can You Glue PVC And CPVC Collectively? –


Some of the frequent plumbing questions we come throughout is, “Are you able to glue PVC and CPVC collectively?” You should utilize each forms of pipes to put in pool gear. Nonetheless, their functions actually differ.

On this article, we talk about the variations between PVC and CPVC, when to make use of them, and naturally, we reply the query, are you able to glue PVC and CPVC collectively?

The Variations Between PVC and CPVC

At first look, each PVC and CPVC look and appear similar. They’re each plastic and you employ each in plumbing. Nonetheless, in the event you had them side-by-side, you’ll discover the variations.


When CPVC will get created, it undergoes an additional chlorination section. This permits CPVC to face up to greater temperatures quite a bit higher than PVC pipes. In actual fact, PVC begins to deteriorate and break down after 140F. In the meantime, CPVC stays sturdy till 200F.

This makes CPVC pipes higher fitted to water provide traces for pool heaters, spas, and warmth pumps. Then again, PVC pipes are good for drains traces as a result of they’re cheaper and don’t rust.


Earlier than you’ll be able to reply the query, “Are you able to glue PVC and CPVC collectively,” you first want to find out if sizing will likely be a problem. The brief reply is sure. Sizing will be a problem of concern.

Throughout manufacturing, all main PVC manufacturers use NPS (Regular Pipe Dimension) requirements. That is additionally referred to as “schedules.” The most typical sizes are Schedule 40 and Schedule 80. The schedule determines how thick the wall of the pipe will likely be. Any pipes utilizing NPS requirements, no matter PVC or CPVC, will match in dimension.

For instance, a Schedule 80 PVC and Schedule 80 CPVC will match collectively as a result of they each have similar inside and outer diameter measurements.

Nonetheless, we suggest paying particular consideration to CPVC pipes. CPVC is definitely made in two totally different sizing requirements: NPS and CTVS. CTS (Copper Tube Dimension) is identical dimension as copper piping. Although CTS pipes and NPS pipes will not be suitable.

You possibly can often inform the distinction between CTS and NPS by colour. CTS is yellowish in colour, whereas NPS CPVC is grey (Schedule 80) or off-white (Schedule. 40). They’re additionally marked on the skin as nicely.

Does PVC Glue Work?

There may be such factor as PVC glue, nonetheless, it’s not one thing we essentially suggest utilizing in your pool system. For starters, PVC glue, or cement, doesn’t work like regular glue. PVC glue breaks down the floor of the pipe to which you apply it and concurrently chemically bonds them collectively. For that reason, you can not use PVC glue to affix them collectively.

Bear in mind, CPVC is stronger than PVC and has the next melting level. This implies the usual PVC glue wouldn’t be adequate to carry CPVC collectively.

There isn’t any particular “CPVC- to- PVC glue.” So, chemically becoming a member of CPVC and PVC requires solvent cement and primer which are sturdy sufficient to bond CPVC pipe totally. In case you are unfamiliar with this course of, we suggest reaching out to an expert.

Can You Glue PVC And CPVC Collectively?

So, to reply the query lastly, “Are you able to glue PVC and CPVS collectively? Sure, you’ll be able to glue PVC and CPVC collectively, however why would you need to?

Bear in mind, PVC and CPVC have totally different chemical compositions, giving them totally different properties and functions. Nonetheless, when you’ve got your mindset on utilizing each, just be sure you meet necessities for each sorts.

For instance, a pool system with each PVC and CPVC might want to stay underneath 140F. This may be sure that your PVC stays in good working situation. Nonetheless, this cripples the CPVC and its potential. To not point out, CPVC is dearer than PVC. You possibly can glue them collectively however it might be pointless in the long term. As a substitute, you’ll be able to set up PVC in your complete pool system and obtain the identical objective and lower your expenses.

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