Can Receding Gums Be Reversed?


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Preventative care is without doubt one of the most necessary measures that we will take in an effort to keep our wholesome tooth and a white smile. With out brushing, flossing, or rinsing with mouthwash our smiles can rapidly fall to disrepair resulting in a lot of well being problems corresponding to gum illness, tooth falling out, bleeding or swollen gums, and extra. Some results, nevertheless, take lengthy intervals of time earlier than their full results might be seen corresponding to with gum recession. Gum recession is a type of gum illness that causes gum tissue to tug away from the tooth inflicting a tooth to seem bigger and if left untreated it could result in roots changing into uncovered.

What causes gum recession?

A receding gum line might be attributable to a number of elements together with:

  • Gum illness
  • Brushing too aggressively
  • Tobacco use
  • Tartar buildup
  • Dry mouth
  • Clenching and grinding

When gums start to recede it creates pockets between the tooth and the gum that makes it simple for micro organism to enter which might trigger extra excessive types of periodontal illness. In these situations it’s potential for the roots to develop into uncovered which can trigger them to develop into extra prone to decay and so they could even loosen and probably fall out. Because the gum line recedes extra it turns into potential for gum illness to begin to lose the bone and jaw which might create extreme oral well being problems.

How lengthy do gums take to recede?

The method of a receding gum line is an extremely gradual course of making it troublesome to detect when it first begins. As a result of it’s gradual, It could be a number of years earlier than the consequences of gum recession might be observed placing those that are affected at larger threat of tooth decay.

The right way to spot gum recession

As a result of generally gum recession is a gradual course of it is very important preserve a watch out for the signs which will allow you to to take motion proactively. A number of the commonest signs which can be related to gum recession embody:

  • Pink or swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums when brushing
  • Sensitivity when flossing
  • Ache or discomfort alongside your gum line

You might also begin to discover that your tooth have gotten looser or extra ‘wiggly’ which is an indication that gums are pulling again.

Gradual, usually unnoticeable adjustments like gum recession are one of many explanation why twice annual dental checkups are so your oral care routine. A correct dental cleansing can take away any tartar buildup which will contribute to a receding gumline which might’t usually be cleaned with a toothbrush.

Can gum recession be reversed naturally?

Sadly gum recession can’t be reversed naturally over time. Taking correct care of your tooth after your gums have receded is not going to trigger them to naturally develop again to their unique positions. As soon as the tissue is misplaced it’s gone perpetually. In consequence, preventative dental care is an important strategy to defend towards gum recession. Common dental visits, flossing, & common brushing all contribute to preventing towards gum illness which prevents gum recession. As well as, it’s important that if you brush you don’t brush too laborious. In case you are not sure about how laborious or softly to brush your tooth, or are involved about gum recession, communicate to your oral hygienist. They are going to be glad to clarify one of the best methodology and ideas for brushing correctly to keep away from any dental problems.

Therapies for gum recession

If in case you have been experiencing delicate or extreme gum recession, there are a number of choices obtainable to assist protect the integrity of your tooth and enhance your smile.

Gum Graft

A gum graft is a standard oral surgical procedure process wherein a dentist will take gum tissue from one space of your mouth to interchange lacking gum tissue in one other. A gum graft is usually carried out when the basis of a tooth is uncovered in an effort to cowl it up and defend the tooth.

Root scaling & planing

Root planing & scaling is usually carried out for delicate gum recession. When a pocket is created as a consequence of gum recession it’s simple for micro organism to get trapped inside and trigger an infection. Root scaling is the method wherein your dentist removes plaque and tartar in a deep cleansing across the tooth to disinfect any micro organism which will have grown beneath the gum line and contained in the pocket as a consequence of gum recession.  After root scaling your dentist will carry out root planing which is once they easy your tooth’s roots in an effort to enable the gums to reattach to the tooth and shut up the pocket that has been created.


In sure conditions when the gums have receded, dental bonding or tooth coloured materials can be utilized to cowl uncovered root service.


Gum recession may also occur due to clenching and/or grinding. The stress attributable to the clenching and/or grinding can injury the bone which ends up in the gums receding.

Nervous about gum recession?

In case you are involved about gum recession, name your dental workforce and schedule an appointment to have your tooth examined. Your dentist can talk about with you the well being of your tooth and diagnose any issues which will come up. The easiest way to guard towards gum recession is thru preventative care and scheduling your routine visits is a vital a part of that oral care course of. Name or contact your nearest location as we speak to schedule an appointment.

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