Can a Swimming Pool Trigger a UTI, Yeast An infection, Ear An infection, or Different Well being Points?


You might have heard that swimming could cause all types of well being points like UTIs, yeast infections, and ear infections. However is that basically the case?

The brief reply: Sure, it is sadly true. However when you perceive the why and the way these happen, you will be much more ready on find out how to forestall them from taking place. And the higher information is that stopping it within the first place is less complicated than ever!

Let us take a look at the science behind these points and find out how to clear up them so that you and your family members can swim safely and worry-free all season lengthy. 


Swimming is without doubt one of the commonest hobbies for many individuals across the globe. Nevertheless, swimming swimming pools could be a breeding floor for micro organism if they don’t seem to be correctly cleaned and disinfected. Let’s first cowl what well being issues this small however mighty reality brings after which we’ll deal with how to maintain them ALL from occurring in 1-2 straightforward steps. 

Apart from the preventative strategies we’ll be speaking about, you also needs to rinse off and alter out of your moist bathing go well with proper after swimming and drink a lot of water to flush your system. Here is why: 

Swimming Swimming pools and UTIs

UTI is brief for urinary tract an infection, and it is an an infection of the urethra, bladder, or kidneys. The commonest signs of a UTI are a burning sensation while you pee, the necessity to pee usually, cloudy or bloody urine, and ache in your decrease again or stomach. 

As talked about, swimming pools present optimum situations for micro organism progress. And whereas more often than not, these micro organism are innocent, it’s doable to contract UTI from a contaminated swimming pool, particularly if you happen to stick round in your moist bathing go well with after you are accomplished swimming for some time. Permitting closely chlorinated water to grow to be stagnant in a heat enviroment is the one invitation micro organism must damage the remainder of your week. 

You also needs to strictly keep away from swimming if you have already got a UTI, as swimming in a pool that’s not correctly disinfected could make it worse and help in spreading the situation to others. 


Swimming Swimming pools and Yeast Infections

A yeast an infection, often known as candidiasis, is a fungal an infection that may have an effect on numerous elements of the physique, together with the mouth, throat, vagina, and pores and skin. Yeast infections are brought on by the overgrowth of a sort of fungus referred to as Candida and may trigger excessive itchiness.

Fungi can thrive in any physique of water with micro organism overgrowth. Nevertheless, the difficulty with chlorinated pool or scorching tub water is that it kills each good and dangerous micro organism, together with the sort that kills off the fungi answerable for inflicting yeast infections.

Nevertheless, since your pool water ought to be always shifting and flowing by your filtration system and it’s stagnant water that promotes a yeast-condusive atmosphere, swimming itself just isn’t doubtless a reason behind yeast infections. It’s more likely to get an an infection from sunbathing after you’ve got been in chlorinated water since you at the moment are being uncovered to a hotter local weather which permits the any potential dangerous micro organism and/or fungi to flourish. 

High angle view of a young couple with drinks on sun loungers by swimming pool

Swimming Swimming pools and Ear Infections

An ear an infection could cause an excessive amount of ache and discomfort. In extreme instances, it could result in fever, complications, and stability issues. If left untreated, an ear an infection could cause everlasting injury.

One of the crucial widespread causes of ear infections is when water enters the ear canal; a heat, damp atmosphere perfect for micro organism progress.

When pool water will get into the ear canal whereas swimming, if the water to over-treated with heavy chemical compounds it could wash away protecting ear wax that usually retains micro organism and different organisms from getting into the ear. This could enable micro organism to develop and multiply, resulting in an an infection.

Alternatively, the danger of an ear an infection will increase drastically if the pool water just isn’t correctly handled and disinfected permitting micro organism to enter the ear instantly. 

That is one motive it’s crucial to just remember to are treating your water correctly: not neglecting it or overdoing it. 


How you can (Simply) Hold Your Pool Protected and Clear

Now that the dangers that swimming swimming pools can pose to the well being of you and your family members, it is vital to discover ways to hold your pool protected and clear. The best manner to do that is by combining two time-tested merchandise for the simplest consequence and by chance sufficient, requires the least effort and time on a pool proprietor. 

1. EZ Pool: Pool Chemical

EZ POOL Puzzle

You learn that proper: Chemical… not chemical compounds.

 Whereas everyone knows that your swimming pool wants a particular mix of chemical compounds to have the ability to use the pool, by far the simplest chemical system is EZ Pool.  Why? For starters, It is ALL of your pool chemical compounds (minus one) in ONE.

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E-Z Pool breaks down contaminants, prevents algae progress, and inhibits scale build-up. It additionally clarifies and situations the water to make it glowing clear and smooth to swim in. The uniquely blended resolution creates secure and balanced pool water, thus decreasing the necessity for pointless testing and chemical additions.

EZ Pool is powerful sufficient that only one scoop weekly per 10,000 gallons of water replaces conventional chlorine surprising but it is mild sufficient that there is no wait time after the appliance. Inform the household to splash proper in! 

Extra Advantages of Utilizing EZ Pool 

  • No taking part in pool chemist
  • Straightforward and handy to make use of, simply scoop and go
  • Solely must be used as soon as every week
  • You do not have to attend to swim after utility
  • Use fewer chemical compounds
  • Reduces your chlorine want by as much as 75%
  • Eliminates chlorine scent and algae 
  • BONUS: There isn’t a want for pre-treatment or balancing throughout winter. E-Z POOL oxidizes pollution and defends in opposition to algae all through the winter season.

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david stuart API EZ pool (1)-1

As talked about, EZ Pool is an all-in-one, minus one. The one chemical resolution that EZ Pool doesn’t present is the sanitizer. For a lot of conventional pool homeowners, that will be chlorine. Nevertheless, between chlorine’s harsh results on eyes, hair, liners, swimsuits and the general rising expense of the product, many pool homeowners would like to not have to make use of it. And that is the place Pool Frog is available in… 

2. Pool Frog Mineral System

In a nutshell: Pool Frog gives the sanitizer that EZ Pool wants and completes your pool chemical check-list. Combining these two merchandise eliminates your want so as to add further chlorine, tablets, or shock to your swimming pool. Say goodbye to pungent chlorine smells, light bathing fits, and burning eyes. Say good day to wash mineral water!

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All of this sounds nice however that is actually simply the tip of the iceberg with what Pool Frog gives the pool proprietor. 

PoolFROG-Family-5400-NoBAM-1The Pool Frog Mineral System is an inline system that can be utilized with or with out EZ Pool. Nevertheless, if you happen to used it with out EZ Pool, you will should revert to being a pool chemist once more. This implies shopping for, testing, and measuring every particular person chemical wanted and albeit who has time for that when there are water video games to be gained. 

The Pool Frog system makes use of a mixture of minerals and pre-filled chlorine Bacpacs to kill micro organism and algae. As a result of the minerals do many of the work you want much less chlorine to maintain the pool clear.

It is a patented mineral expertise that regulates and balances the pool’s PH and reduces chlorine use by greater than 50%.

Bonus: the system comes with a controlled-release formulation that lasts as much as six months versus having so as to add chlorine tablets to your pool a number of instances every week. 

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And better of all you keep away from these undesirable well being issues we mentioned as a result of your pool water is clear and freed from micro organism. 

Extra Methods to Stop Well being Points Whereas Swimming

Aside from including EZ Pool and Pool Frog to your Summer season wishlist, there are different steps you’ll be able to take to assist guarantee your family and friends have a clear and protected splash zone. 

  • Web leaves and different particles from the water’s floor
  • Clear the filter usually and skim any particles from the floor of the pool
  • Be sure that the chlorine ranges are right by testing the water previous to swims or as soon as every week
  • By no means swim in a pool that does not look or scent clear
  • Bathe earlier than and after swimming within the pool
  • Change out of damp fits instantly after exiting the pool or spa
  • Drink water throughout and after swimming to assist flush your system
  • Both wash your swimsuit or rinse it totally with clear water and let it dry fully earlier than utilizing it once more

how to keep swimming pool clean


In case you are fearful that you’ve contracted a UTI, yeast an infection, or different an infection, it’s best to speak to your physician and get the mandatory exams and coverings. Though there’s a threat which you can contract these well being issues after swimming in an unclean pool, you’ll be able to take steps to forestall making that probability nice by altering out of your damp swimsuit and rinsing off after a swim. Nevertheless, conserving your swimming pool correctly maintained and cleaned is the 1st step in stopping swimming pool-related well being issues. And the simplest manner to try this is to mix EZ Pool and Pool Frog for a easy fear free Summer season. You’ll be able to store these merchandise right here or go to our web site at

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