4 Tips to an Easier Dog Grooming Process


Grooming a dog may be a very hectic and challenging task for a lot of people especially if the time is short or you are looking to make it easier. Some dogs hate grooming time and make a lot of fuss while you try to clean them up.  Here are 4 tips to make the grooming process an easier ordeal.

Brush Your Dog When Hair is Wet: Dogs with long hair need to be constantly brushed to prevent matting. Matting can cause a lot of irritation and the dog will be scratching or licking the area. Short-haired dogs will also lose the hair dust and solid dirt lodged.

 Brushing the dog when the hair is wet along with conditioner, waterless shampoo or detangler makes it easy.

Give Them Treats: Dogs hate grooming but love treats. Associating bathtime, clipping, and combing with treats makes them more acceptable to the activities. Instead of creating a fuss, they start to look excited about the treatment they are about to get. It also creates a happy bonding between you and the pet.

Use Safety Scissors: Sometimes your dog will get knots in the hair that you just cannot get rid of by combing. Sometimes the hair grows uncontrollably messy. In such cases, you need to trim down the hair.

Use a pair of safety scissors that have rounded edges on the two-point end. These prevent the dog from getting cut or poked and injured. You can also get help from mobile dog washing Boise Idaho services that ensure safe washing, trimming, or cutting the dog hair. It will make your tasks easier and much more convenient.

Make It Fun: Dogs are perceptive animals. If they sense that you are stressed or tensed, they get edgy and start behaving fussy. Instead, try to make it seem like you are enjoying it and you are having a good time.

Introduce toys or fun activities in the bath or while combing and clipping. Constantly communicate with them and make them know you enjoy doing it. These will keep your dog in a groomed process all the way.

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